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My name is Alicia and I'm a professional photographer and mother of two beautiful little girls, currently living and working on the Gold Coast. My passion for photography initially bloomed once I had my first girl, Lilly. I adored capturing those precious times that I experienced with her and something about capturing those special moments really resonated with me. I think back on those memories with Lilly and I was overcome with much joy and a dream ignited within my heart. A dream to bring memories to others, through capturing their meaningful moments with their families and children. This love I felt for capturing moments in time only grew stronger with the birth of my second girl Tiani and as I continue to nurture and care for them. I will continue to develop my skills as a photographer. I promise to my customers the delicate care required to capture those precious moments to the best of my ability. So that you may look back on the photos with loved ones fondly. 

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